Calgary Training Camp 2020

Swim Course - 1 Loop - 2 Km

There are many classic No Limits stopping points along the lake.  I have identified them on the map with circles.

The direction of the swims will always be clockwise leaving from Brenda's dock.

Stop #1 - Around the corner and passed 2 docks is a great place to stop.  Use this first distance as your warmup.  Focus on long smooth strokes.  At the stopping point sight for the next stop.

Stop #2 - Tom's Dock.  Sight for the Red house across the lake.  If the dock is busy with people please do not stop at it.  Swim to the right of it and you can swim close to the shore where you can stand up and catch your breath

Stop #3 - The point.  As we head toward Auburn Bay community house a common stopping point is the point.  This is the piece of land that juts out.  You can stop here and regroup.

Stop #4 - By the ropes - This is just in front of the ropes that surrounds the beach swimming area.  Stop just outside of the ropes or swim until you can touch the bottom for a nice break.

Stop #5 - Swim along the ropes (keeping the ropes to your left) and then end up in the far end of the lake.  I like to sight for the house with the yellow kayaks or canoes.

Stop #6 - Half way - if you like you can stop at the half way point as you head back to Brenda's dock....or swim the entire length without stoppping.

**** be very alert for watercraft on the lake....especially stand up paddles boards, and paddle boats ****

Please swim with your swim buddy to increase your visibility.


Bike Course - 2 Loops

Loop 1:  Gasplant - Start at 7:00am.  Regroup in parking lot for loop 2 to refuel and remove warm clothes.

Loop 2: Road to Nepal

There will be different ability of riders during this camp and I suggest the slower riders turnaround when the lead riders pass them on their return path.  Or pick a predetermined place to turnaround before starting each loop.  Eg.  on loop 1 turnaround at the mailboxes or after the 1st hill (post mailboxes)  Loop 2: turnaround at Lions Gate or down the big hill post Lions gate.


Run Course - 1 Loop

The run is an out and back.  Every year someone takes a wrong turn.  Not this year.  🙂

Starting either from Brenda's or Todd's house we will head toward Auburn Bay BLVD and run along the sidewalk to exit Auburn Bay.  We will need to cross two traffic intersections (with lights).  The 1st one is right beside the lake.  Cross the intersection and stay on the pathway.  You will come to your 2nd intersection with lights and once across, head west along the pathway into Cranston.

Once you are in Cranston look for petro canada and use the cross walk to cross the intersection 2 times as we continue heading west.  Stay on the bike pathway.  When you come to a fork in the road stay right and run UP the hill.  Do not run down this big hill.

Stay along the bike path as you enjoy the views from the ridge.  🙂

Take your 1st left hand turn to take you down the hill into fish creek.  Once in fish creek you stay on the pathway.

You will run under the underpass and then keep an eye out for the pathway on the left hand side to continue following the river.  We have had people take a wrong right hand turn UP the golf course hill.  Do not run UP that hill.

Continue following the pathway along the river until your come to  a bridge.  Cross the bridge and then turn right until your GPS is near 10.5.  Then return on the exact path returning to the start.

I will have my car placed under the underpass as an aid station.  With water and other fuel.

NOTE:  You can choose how far you want to run.  5, 10, 15 or 21 Km.  It is up to you.  🙂