No Limits Swimming Drills

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Kicking Drills

Kick with a board

Hold a flutter board out in front of you with your hands holding onto the front of the front. Gently press down with the center of your chest into the water and kick.  Aim to initiate the kick from your hips rather than your knees.

Streamline Kick

Place one hand over the other with your fingers and wrists together.  Wrap the thumb of the hand on top around the lower hand to “lock” your hands so that you can’t pull them apart. Squeeze your head between your arms. Push off the wall in this position kick to the other end of the pool.  Lift your head to take a breath.

Vertical Kicking

Kick in an upright or vertical position in the deep end while keeping the arms crossed across the chest.  To add challenge you can 1) bring your hands out of the water, 2) bring your elbows out of the water and 3) kick in the streamline position with your arms out of the water.

Kick on Wall

Kick for x amount of time while holding onto the gutter.  Can kick on your front, and or both sides.

Corkscrew Kick

Kick on your side for 6 kicks, roll to your front for 6 kicks, roll to your other side for 6 kicks and then roll to your back for 6 kicks.  Continue this pattern the full length of the pool and rotate the opposite direction on the next length of the pool.