No Limits Swimming Drills

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Scull - Small Circles out Front

Scull - Windshield Wiper

Scull - Catch to Finish

Scull on Back


Scull - Small circles out front

Start on your front.  Traveling head 1st.  Start with arms extended out in front and then make small circles with your hands.  Have your right hand move in a clockwise direction and your left moving counter clockwise.  Keep the circles small and do not kick.  Keep your head in the water as you scull and lift your head when you need to take a breath.  You travel the length of the pool using your hands only.

Scull - Windshield Wiper

Start on your front.  Traveling head 1st.  Start with arms extended out in front and then bring them to shoulder level.  Bend your elbows 90degrees so that your hands are pointing to the bottom.  Then sweep in (hands facing each other) towards your chest, then change the direction of your hands and sweep out towards the walls back to the starting 90 degrees.  Continue this sculling action for the length of the pool.  Move arms quickly.

Scull - Catch position to finish

Start on your front with the arms flexed ~90 degrees and near the chest under the body (Catch position).  Then push the water back with the palms and forearms of both arms back to the finish position. Pause after your push and enjoy your glide before bringing your hands (thumbs first) back to the starting position.  Keep your head in the water during each push from the catch position to the finish.

Scull - On Back

Start on your back traveling head 1st and have your arms at your sides.  Move your hands in small circles near your hips.  Ensure that the water is being pushed back towards the wall.  This can be a fast drill so be aware of when the wall is approaching.  Sight the backstroke flags to indicate when the wall is near.