Q and A Video  - Jan 30

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Well, good morning. I am, like, a minute early. So I'm just getting ready here, turning on the computer. The laptop. How's your morning going so far? Minds going fantastic. I, uh I always set these for a Thursday 10. The morning, And, uh, I like to swim at this time, so I have a bit of a conflict. So what do I do? And so last night, this is the issue from, Ah, I don't know what time the pool.

It's bitterly until 10. 30. It's 50 meter 50 meters. And then from 10 30 11. 30 it's closed. They switch it over in from 11. 30 on its 25 years. And I'm very spoiled in that. I like swimming in the 50 meter pool, and if I have this un attend, I can't swim. So I came up with this brilliant idea waking up. Really? I told my wife I said, Hey, all right, clear. I'm working really tomorrow, assuming just like why?

Because I have a Facebook life. So the good I'm just looking into have mapped the triathlon. I want to get into the into the questions. If you're watching the replaying this pass for this. It's okay. This scroll head today I'm drinking coffee out of my I'm Ed. Oh, honey, tweet. 2019 muck like this More, you probably know is that when you log into, uh, map drawn on theirs I did a bit of, ah, facelift on the site. I like it pitch of Shawn there crossing a line.

I love trying something new using these airports. Do this last time I can remember, but, uh, just give me a moment and then I'm really going. So after my swim, I did. For those of you who were coached by may I do these workouts, I give you my sport coats and one workout that I added to the to the mix years ago was called locomotion. What you do is use from of 500 every length you take the ideas and speed up your stroke just a little bit,

so that in the first length you take one stroke fast. The second link to take two strokes fast and so once the once they get to 20 then you're taking 20 strokes past. It works really cool when you're in a 25 meter pool and when you're in a 50 meter pool. We gotta change things around, but you can still do it. What I did. I know that this is becoming a a problem for some of us because we're using 50 meter pulls all the time, and that's that has usually been the rare,

like usually we never get 15 year Portman now, because we have it, We just use it all the time. And so what I had to do was you look at the bottom of the pool when you come to the second set of teas bottom, then you guys okay, Well, that's about 25. And then, you know, I just wrote it was another way to keep your brain occupied, which is kind of neat. But tell you what it is still difficult. I, uh the last one I was doing,

I decided I'm not just I'm just gonna go fast, go fast for 100 and the big guy beside me. And he was is a good swimmer, and I could tell that he was picking up the pace. Do so we just We're just We're just kind of racing each other coming back, and he's faster than me. But afterwards I said, Hey, man, thank you very much for the Bush. He's like, Hey, thank you for the Bush. He's Ah, former summer from Poland and he's just something when he can,

because he has a small baby at home and he has his business. And it was very interesting on who You get to meet the pool, right? Okay, enough of the chitchat. Let's get into the questions. I'm trying something new as well that I think if I can be in trying to get the transcript of this video so that you could search up the question and so I'm gonna try toe. He has, um, as good as possible with my addiction so that the A I can pick it up so that you can just search for certain key words,

and I think it should work. I might have to go in and clean up a lot of the words. There are some there is that pick up, but it's It's a cool piece of technology. Question number one. What is my zone effort for LSD? LSD is dance for a long, slow distance or a long, steady distance, and I think generally when you think of that pace? My answer is going to be a defense trying to turn this away so that little bit that glare, I think it depends on the type of athlete you are.

And what do you want to do in your race? If you are someone who just wants to finish a Derrick Todd, I just want the T shirt. I just want the metal. Your zone to your LSD is own, too, and you think of zone to as 70%. They always related back to test. My son right now is writing his finals. And, you know, I asked him, How do you do in your test? And if you get 70% 70% is is isn't in this day and age really not that good?

You need to do better than that. Um, that's that's my beliefs, right? So and he has high standards as well. And so 70% is just you're missing. You're missing 30% of it. The idea is you're just cruising along at 7%. It feels pretty good now. On the other hand, if you are an athlete who wants to to do really, really well emporium then I think yours. Your long stay distance is like it's getting into zone three. So you're looking at highs on to to,

like, Low his own three. Nice and steady. How I think of it when I do my long runs long bikes is This is my Iron Man pace, which at the end of the day is really not that fast. If you really think about it because you're training for event that's gonna take you somewhere between. For those of you watching looking a 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 hours. That's how long we're gonna be trained for or training for that day. It just goes on and on and on,

and you need to be degraded, pays that you can go at all day pace. So when I'm running LSD, I think this is my ironman paces the pace. But I want to go for a long time and keep it that way. Okay, The last number. What that was what is your LSD place and at the same thing with swimming and biking, try to get into that other is 70%. If you're just want to get this thing done, I get that. There's a lot of people like that if you want to be really competitive,

and I think it's a little bit higher up, but it's very The idea is that's a very steady effort that you can maintain for a long time, and it takes a while to build it up. But if you go into training Paige, you can look at your peak, depending on what package you have. Look, I have a coaching version, so I look at my pig 60 run pace and you want it gradually increase that increase. The time that you can hold that face for is that when you do come to your yeah,

I'm ready to go. I can hold that pays for a long time. But in the beginning, you may not be able to hold it that long, but it still is as a low Zo Zo two or lower zone three number to question number two getting to the pool when it is cold. We had that question because we had such a cold spell so cold here we came with about up with a bunch of ah ah bunch of ideas. One was, this is treat yourself. Do you? Get yourself to the pool?

Treat yourself like for example, today, after my swim, I was so proud of myself. My son's hold me still sleeping.

You won't get up till this afternoon. Ought to be a teenager. He uh So he's home. I finished women.

I felt so good on my treat. Myself and my sons, I went into, uh, the grocery store and I got some fresh cinnamon buns like fresh.

They're just they're just out of the oven. They put the icing on top is like, Oh, my gosh,

I just had one. It was so good. So if you're having trouble doing a workout, bribe yourself.

My bribe today was assuming, but great. Or you can punish yourself. You can say, Well,

if I don't do this, then this happens, right? So you know the reward yourself or you can punish yourself.

You can have ah, accountability partner. Say, Hey, I want to go something on this day,

will you join me and get them to call you or pick you up something those things help. But I do think of reward punishment system helps a lot,

and then inside you can remind yourself. Why you're doing this that helps me is that I have a race coming up in Puerto Rico a middle of march.

And I know it's coming fast. So you know what? If I want to race well at that,

if I remind yourself of your goals, if you want to get those goals, well, then you need to get your butt training.

And sometimes for me, that gets me going. Actually gets been going a lot. Okay, so that's number two.

Question number three. How important is it to have a time trial bike for a full ironman? Again,

that's a very good question. When I first started doing TRIBE funds, it was 1992. There's no such thing as truffle on bikes.

My first half ironman was 1996 1st Ironman was 1997 and we did not have TRIBE Lex. So all of us would complete the race is whatever distance it was on a road bike.

The thing about how your road bike versus a TRIBE bike I'm looking on here gets from a bike is a triathlon bike should be more comfortable compared to road bike because you get to,

um or forward facing position. You can still get that position on a road bike, but the road bikes not designed for that TRIBE bike is designed for that.

So you do not need to have. When I completed, I think I did at one point, make 70 traveling 70 triathlons on a road bike before I gotta TRIBE like,

so you don't need to have one. It's cool to help one absolutely, and it should be more comfortable.

But you don't need to have what I would look at your budget, um, and decide. And,

you know, it depends on if if, if speed's important to you like it. Another idea. Another thing look at is at the World championships this hearing these friends the winner like the pro man.

He did it on a road bike because he couldn't afford a TRIBE. I remember sponsor or something, but that you don't need to have it.

You don't need to have it. It's nice tohave. It should makes think things easier on your body,

but you will if you have like um oh, and this is one caveat is Look, if you've got TRIBE bike and you don't go arrow,

then don't have a TRIBE like TRIBE. Bikes are designed to be comfortable in their opposition. And if you're not in their position,

then you're just You're just wasting your money wasting your time, okay? And I see the a lot.

I see people on big races and have the fancy TRIBE bikes on. They're not in their own position.

So if you're not, could be in their opposition. Don't get TRIBE. I just get a road bike.

Doesn't mean more comfortable and better in your body. Okay, Number four. How to race 1/2 marathon?

Oh, yeah. So first thing he does yourself is what What pace is? 1/2 marathon. How I think of places I go to zone two zones.

Right. So you're five times in zone one, 2345 Don't five for traffic. It's We rarely used to be really snobby.

Four zones. Zone four is for for a distance is like five K's 10 case not zoned for Okay,

Zone two. You're looking at a marathon. All right again, depending on your goal if your zone to just want to finish that zone,

too. But if you want to do well, it's gonna be more in his own three. Oh,

gosh, that didn't work out so well. Zone three. I think it really didn't do that on purpose.

I really did. I feel really, really embarrassed. So the idea of ah half marathon is your pacing should be zone three.

So you're looking at 80% or unders? We're looking at, like, 75 to 80%. So you need to look at what is my heart rate for that for that zone?

And what is my pace for that? So So that when you have that. So when you go into a race,

you know, this is what I can hold. I am a big fan of doing a woman. I know a lot of people are tied up in a warm up because I'm going to Don't wanna waste my energy that I can put into the race.

And I I'm a big believer warming up because your body needs to get ah, warm depths as rate race,

and I like a five or 10 minute warm up. It doesn't have to be that that asking you really easy.

You're just moving, moving body making training. Shoe laces were tied up everything's field feels great speak and just things you want to do some some short surges to race pace,

which is like zone zone three, maybe a little bit high in zone three, like maybe a high zone three,

depending on who you are. Right. But the idea is during the warm up you go. Okay,

I can feel this. I'm ready and you want to in your mind picture yourself racing at this pace.

And whenever you're racing, I just want to remind you that it's always should be uncomfortable. It always is for me,

and if it is it, then you're going maybe too slow or you just going to finish and that's that's totally good.

But if you're racing to do a time, it should feel uncomfortable. And the level of uncomfortableness increases as the distance of the race decreases.

So it's like a five K or a 10 K, though it the difficult, uncomfortable mess. The level of that is pretty high,

and I like to break it down the first kilometre the first mile when you when you when you just first start going,

you got to be very careful about your pace before start thought, though I try for myself. I tried to finish my warm up,

which is about 10 to 15 minutes in length, probably 10 as close to the start as possible. As long as I don't get too screwed up with getting into the race.

Some races that I do. They're not that big, not that big. So I just I come there and there's a French I can squeeze my way and then I'm fine.

But if you're doing a race that has thousands of people are hundreds of people, you may not be able to do a warm up and time it right to start because you need to line up in a corral for a long time.

So that's one thing you need to look at when you're doing that. But say if you just you can do a warm up,

get right to start as quick as possible and it like two minutes before it's kind of stressful, but you gotta chip.

What? It's gonna be fun that first kilometre. A lot of people screw this up and they go way too fast.

Pay attention to your pay attention to your heart rate, pay attention to your your pace and look at it within,

like, 20 seconds because it could be very, very right. A lot of people blow the first kilometre and they're right because they get caught up,

they get caught up. I I've done this many times. I'm ready. Go. I can't run a 3 20 kilometer,

but that's what I'm doing. And so I gotta I gotta back right off. So I slow up with the brakes on,

everyone passes me, which is okay, because I only get to me eventually, cause they're going too fast.

So be very, very aware of that pace for the first kilometre and then the next few kilometers, try to settle and focus on your breathing.

Focus on your rhythm, and then the next five focus on your pace. I like to take nutrition in every aid station in a form of hydration.

So you're taking him fluids, right? Water, whatever. They whatever they're offering, I'm gonna take and it's not a lot is just a little I grab the cup threw in my face and whatever gets in there,

isn't there. If you want to slow down, make sure you're good fluid. Then go ahead for me.

I like to be competitive, so I just take it and go fast. The second half, I This is where I find mental toughness comes in.

I like to break up the race into quarters. So I think it is a five k 55 k five k and you get it.

I talk to myself. Look done. Five k. I've done this one now minus second or the 3rd 1 The break it down into chunks that are very achievable.

To do the last five k is always a challenge. Everyone's gonna hurt. It's not just you, everyone is.

Yes, I know your legs screaming at you. But keep going. Try to stay relaxed, Try stay focused.

And I'd like to dedicate the last few kilometers to people special in my life and just go through a lesson.

Hey, this kilometer is for this person. This club is for that person, and it really helps the finish.

I'm not a huge fan of people sprinting cause I think that's how you get injured. So finish strong,

but not as fast as you can because you don't want to end up with something pulled. So really don't don't go crazy at the finish line.

And when you're finished, throw your arms up like celebrate the fact that you got I know he didn't win,

but put your hands up saying, Hey, this was a great event and I'm proud of myself. And then we are stretch afterwards,

get massages next couple days and, uh, be proud of what you did. And, 01 more thing.

No way out of the distance that you're racing. It is probably works better if it's a longer event.

But always ask you ask yourself this question. Am I doing the best I can right now? So say if you're doing 1/2 marathon,

you're at the 15 kilometer mark and you do like a head to toe assessment. You go. How do I feel?

Great. Then ask yourself, Am I doing the best I can right now? Like right now, in this moment,

am I doing the best or should I go? Shouldn't go faster or slower. And if you keep asking yourself that question throughout the race and your answer is yes,

I do my best when you cross that finish line and you look at the time, all right, Sometimes I hate the time and you feel sad for yourself because you didn't hit your gold or whatever you need to save yourself.

Look, I did the best I could in that race because I talk to myself. I did the best I could.

And this is what happened on that day. And some days you would have wonderful results. And some days you're not.

But you need to be okay and proud of the fact that you did your best on that day. I know it sounds like a bit of a cliche,

but it's I think it's very, very true. And it's allowed me to stay in the sport and allowed me to ST ST.

And I even try to get people not to look at their results right away after the race. You know,

I've done that. I've talked to you about that, Mimi. Okay, who lets go on to question number five?

How much time do I need to have between a 70.3 and a full ironman and vice versa. Okay,

So it still let's take the 1st 1 first. Were you looking at You want to do a 17.3 and then you want to do an Ironman.

How much time do you need to have between those two? And that's a great question. And I think like a week between a 17.31 weekend in Iron Man the next weekend,

it's too tight. It's just as you talk. Two weeks is okay. I think you can do that as long as you do not push yourself too hard in the 17.3.

But also, you have to ask yourself, What is your key? What is your key race if it's a 17.3 or the I'm at?

All right. So we're gonna put your focus and you need to pick one because you probably can't do awesome at both of them,

So pick one. And if if the 7.3 is your key one, then you give her on that one in two weeks,

laters. Don't mean shape. And then you could just cruise through the Ironman as if you get it.

Screws. When I met, you wanted me to write you back it off. You wouldn't be pushing yourself as hard,

so I think I think two weeks is okay, but more is better Maura's better cause allows your body to recover.

But the really cool thing about training for an ironman is that because you need to do 1/2 aren't you?

You're You're distances were running every week, like your long rounds. Give me at least 1/2 marathon. At that point,

when you're close to the ironman, your long bikes, you're gonna be at least 90 and your swims.

You know, there are at least two, Kate. So you can think of that half Ironman as a training day.

But just don't just don't bury yourself in your effort. Does that make sense? Now, let's go to the other question.

You just completed an iron man. How long do I have to wait to do a seven point through for me?

I did that this year. My closest was I think it was two weeks. Two or three weeks?

Let me just check. I'm just gonna go in the train picks up because it I just wanna give you a little of my experience about what I did.

And I raised my man Montrond block. Let me see how quickly I can do this. Changed the year I raised our manned Moonshot.

Blow in helps things like Bear with Me on August 18 and then one next week after it was recovery.

She always want a week after your iron men to recover, then the next week and build some light training.

And then the third week, I erased the Ironman 7.3 world championships. You can do that. Is it great?

No, I'm telling you, it's not great what you can do it. And, uh, the hardest thing I find with with an Ironman is that that week afterwards,

you're really tired. What I'm doing here is I'm pulling up August my calendar. There's a lot of you are on a similar calendar as me this year we doing?

I'm in Canada on the 30th and then 123 Big Slater we're doing, uh, Washington 7.3, and I will tell you the same thing that it's it's it's okay,

but your Washington 70.3 or the race three weeks later, it's not gonna be your best. It's probably will not be your best race ever,

because you you still have that. I meant fatigue in you. You will be able to get through it with no problem,

but it will be a little bit more challenging. And like when I did that in France, something over.

This is hard. I could still do it like I never had a doubt in my mind saying I can't do it is just It's just a little bit different.

And so I that's that's That's my, uh That's my advice to you. Yeah, you can totally do it.

We're gonna go on to number six. Do I need to bring them both sides while swimming a lot of first time triathletes.

I see them in the pool and they're talking to me and I have trouble breathing to the other side.

I can't breathe well to this, I but this I Oh, my gosh. So hard. Why you doing that?

While someone told me I should? Because it's really good. And all translate springs to both sides. It just isn't true.

It just isn't true. I breathe only to one side or the left. I rarely, rarely, ever breathed too,

right? I could do it. I don't like it. I seriously don't like it. So you don't have to do it.

I have completed over 100 travellers breathing just to one side. And I've survived and all the different conditions.

Yes, I will say it myself. Look, breathing on both sides gives you the option to breathe out of the waves.

Breathe, breathe of the sun tow, watch your competitors. But at the end of the day, I never use it.

I never do it. But the thing is, is if you if you choose to breathe to one side,

make sure that on your non breathing side make sure that you're gonna rule your shoulders and hips to that side so that you are rolling from side to side with it's true.

And that's that's one error in a lot of people make when they only lead to one side is that the rolling to the non breeding side doesn't happen.

So, Mike, my answer is no. You do not need to breathe every two strokes, and you could,

even if you choose to breathe every two training most people in racing don't do it. I'm saying the majority,

I would say probably 80% do not do so. No, did you know have to do that is a good skill to have number seven question number seven.

Does it matter what order the workouts are done? Great question. A great question. I think it might.

When I'm doing a workout or giving workouts, I always like to do it in the order of swim Bike Run because our sport is swim,

bike, run So we can get used to that that pattern. Then when it comes to race day,

it makes sense that we're gonna be used to doing it. So when we do a brick workout bike run,

we do a bike first, then we do a run second. So we get used to running on tired legs.

It makes a lot of sense. But if it doesn't fit your life like a lot of things for our trading,

we're not in control of it. We're not in control of when the pool hours aren't rights of safe.

If if the pool is only open from 2 to 3. But you want a bike in the morning,

well, then you're gonna bike in the Negroes room. It's just it's different. So my my advice to you is when you can put in the order of swim,

bike, run. But when you can't, don't worry, about it and just just fit it in because it's going to be okay.

It's gonna be okay. And you will find that like we would do. Ah, run Swim. Years ago,

we would run in the weeds. Ram and oh, my gosh. My arms were so tired from the run when tried to swim is like,

this is really, really hard. But don't give up, Don't give up and just keep out because your body can adapt.

We are, as humans were amazing at adapting to things. And don't give up for me. I am learning how to speak German,

and it is so hard. And I have put a program on the phone and I listen to it.

Remember, I got a lesson for me, so All right, I just want to quit. But don't do that.

Just stick with it. Repeat the lesson. Do it over again, and before you know it, you okay?

I can do this right? It's a neat thing in your body can adapt just like I'm adapting to learn to speak another language.

We can do it. Question number eight. What if my schedule is not the ideal schedule? When I sit down with athletes for the first time.

I always say, Look, they say, Todd, how many workouts should I do Every week I go In my ideal world,

I never do this. But ideal world. I'd say three swims, three bikes and then three runs and you can swim Monday,

Wednesday, Friday, you can black Tuesday. There's a Saturday and then you can run, I don't know,

run along and Sunday. Then you can run on Thursday and then you can run on Monday or Tuesday.

I will be a Tuesday, but you need a day off when there's real. Don't be kind, like my ideal plan is that,

but I've also found that over my course of coaching is that we need to fit this to your life.

So whatever your life will now, then you need to fit the training into that. It is better to do that than try to fit your life to the training.

You know what I mean? Because then you get resentful for the training. You think this training is like working hard?

Got so I gotta swim again. I gotta run again. You wanna make it enjoyable and have fun with it?

so whatever. Whatever plan best works with your life, that's a plan that you have to embrace on it and say,

This is my plan. It's the best one that I can do right now, Okay? Because all of you,

like I coach a lot of people and all your schedules, they're all different. I don't think we have any schedules that are exactly the same as everyone has something different.

And don't be afraid to try something new for me the last few years. Instead of running long on the weekend,

I said, You know what? I'm gonna rent long than two states and it works great. Or instead of swimming early in the morning,

you know what? I'm going to swim at 10 because no one's in the pool. So be flexible with what you can do and play around,

see, because it might be better. I was talking to Bruce yesterday. Bruce Lee taught er on Thursdays.

I'm having a really hard time doing this double workout. So there's two workouts he has to do and he goes for all the last few weeks.

I'm missing one of them. Can we please? Is it possible to move one of the workouts to Friday cause Fridays off.

I could do about double working on Friday. Easy, yes, let's do that. If you're If you're finding that you're not getting a workout in a consistent day,

get rid of it moving to another day or get rid of it totally. I used to try to do a run interval workout.

Look on my treadmill over there and I hate TRIBE. Hey, and I did it like once or twice I got off.

This is awesome. I love it. And then the next Tuesday came with following Tuesday. I didn't do it.

I didn't do it. I would never get it done. So instead of me looking at my training program and feeling,

I suck, I keep missing this workout. I delete it. So it's not even there. I go home.

I still I'm doing good. I'm doing good because when I'm planning, I'm getting here. So we need to have a program or a plan that best fits our lives,

not the ideal plan. We're not Linus and Herds because we do not train. Do not train like him.

All right, nothing games line off. Just we don't train like a pro athletes? Uh, number nine.

Oh, not really a question. It's more of a. It's more of a comment observation that I saw yesterday.

I was doing video swim session with Rachel, and so I videotaped her and I said, What do you want?

Do you want to sit in the bleachers and review tape or you want me? You want me to give you some pointers because we didn't have time.

We're short and she said, Let's give me some pointers And so I gave her two pointers. 21 was push offs.

Right fingers, right. We don't like this. A lot of your like this. Not like that.

I like that. It's a blizzard. That was one on the 2nd 1 was she was flicking when she got back.

She's flicking over her, but I said, You know, don't do that. And at the end of and then she stuck around for the spring workout and then knocked at the end.

She like Todd, You know what? Just those little pointers being my swim feel world better. And I want you to remember that in order to become better athletes,

we don't need a whole list of things that we need to change. Just changing one or two things.

Little tiny things like, Oh, my gosh, this is great. It is great. So just remember,

little, little, little details can make it a big difference when you're swimming. Don't think about 100 things don't think about so many things at a time.

Just think about a couple things. Makes your life a lot easier. Okay, last one, this is question number 10 on This is my question to you is how committed are you committed to trading commuted to life,

committed to showing up, committed to being committed? We have coaching a husband, wife team Andrea and Scott and Andrew is focus for this year is being committed to stuff,

you know, it's committed to training is committed to families committed to her work. Whatever she's doing, she is fully committed.

And I want to ask you that same question is how committed are you? You know how committed are you to training?

How committed are you to the things you're saying that you're going to do And And I think that if you're not committed,

don't say yes. I think if we can, If we can live with, uh, integrity every day so that the things that we say are the things that we say we're going to do.

So we say we're going do it then, by golly, we do it, okay? And if you can't commit to that,

then you don't say you could do. Those were 10 questions. I think there's one person on. Let me go to Facebook here on my computer.

And if you have a question, just shoot. I think it should pop up. So you have any questions?

Uh, please let me know. Remember, go through the videos. I'm not the draft. If you have any questions or videos you want me to make,

please let me know I'm enjoying this. It's stuck. Still, lots of fun. I think it's Kona coffee in here.

But you know what I think? My wife. What's different? Coffee. She put it in there.

That's just inside. I'm sure you're thinking time. Were you drinking today? Are you sure that's coffee in there?

All right, I am going to say a few dozen, which is a good buying German. And then I will see you guys in a month,

months time so I will see you in February. It is crazy that one month of 2020 is already gone.

How fast might go by? I hope you're productive. Hope you go lost. I've done. And,

um, yeah, you're still enjoying all this stuff and I will see you in the month of love.

Remember, book something for that special person when that special person could be yourself. Treat yourself for Valentine's Day.

And remember, the coach likes chocolate milk. Chocolate lint lends more chalk, so see that guy's butt?