Lesson 7 Description

Bike Trainer Tips

  • Use a trainer Skewer
  • Attach bike properly to trainer
  • Ensure bike is level (use block or book under front wheel-if necessary)
  • A fan is a great idea
  • Remember to Fuel (Drink and Eat)
  • What to wear?  Bike shorts and a light top or no top
  • Lubricate shorts or body if you are experiencing chaffing
  • This does not feel like outside and this is OK
  • Use a small towel to wipe off sweat and protect the front of your bike
  • Socks or no socks (personal choice)
  • Go in with a plan (workout - warmup, mainset and cooldown)
  • Keep track of your trainer setting, especially in the beginning (notebook and pencil)
  • Have your bike always ready to ride - Saves on setup time
  • Create your own trainer checklist
  • Book mark motivation videos or movies for long rides
  • Test out the on Line spin class

Happy Training

Coach Todd