Lesson 6 Description

Breathing is a must.

In this lesson we are going to talk about how and when to breathe.

I am a big fan of choosing a breath pattern that best suits each athlete.  Personally I like to breathe one sided to my left.  I can breathe on both side but it is so much easier for me to breathe on the left and I feel much more comfortable in the pool and racing.

I have raced in over 100 triathlons only breathing to the left and in all sorts of crazy water conditions and sunlight....and I have survived.  Don't get talked into breathing every 3 if you do not like it.  It is a good skill to have for sure, but it is not essential to becoming a good swimmer or triathlete.

After watching this video.  In your next swim session pay attention to when you are breathing.  Exhaling and inhaling.  Through your nose or mouth and how often.

Note this is a work in progress so please be patient with yourself.  You can learn something new about your breathing during every swim practice.

Happy Training

Coach Todd