Lesson 9 Description

Run Stretches

In this video I will go over the very simple stretches that I do after each of my runs.  While there may be many stretches you can do, I find that over my 20+ years as a runner/triathlete these are the 4 stretches that I regularly complete and they have kept me injury free for a very long time.

I highly encourage you to stretch AFTER each of your runs.

You may find that your body may require to add 1 -2 other stretches that highlight parts of your body that need some extra attention.

The stretches that I do are:

  1. Calf Stretch
  2. Achilles Stretch
  3. Quad Stretch
  4. Shin Stretch

Try to hold each stretch for :15 and then switch legs.  Aim to stretch each leg 3x before moving on to the next stretch.

Happy Stretching!

Coach Todd