Lesson 13 Description


In this video I go over how to test.

One the key things to think about is to try and keep the conditions the same or as similar as possible so that you can compare the results.

That means keeping things like the listed below the same:

  • Same pool
  • Same clothing
  • Same breakfast
  • Same hours of sleep
  • Leading into the test rested or fatigued (either one but be consistent)
  • Same bike
  • Same tire pressure
  • Same route
  • Same temperature
  • Same treadmill
  • Same elevation of treadmill
  • etc etc...

After you test please take the time to upload your data so that you can review after.  There is nothing worse than having an amazing test and forgetting to press start on your watch.  ARGH!!!  It happens.

Testing can be stressful for some people.  Others love it.

I think testing is important as it helps us deal with nerves that are similar to racing and the more we do this...the better we will be on race day.

Have Fun Testing!

Share your results.... I love to see how you are doing!

Coach Todd


Swim Test = 1 Km Timed Swim

Bike Test = 30 min Hard effort - Note average HR, Power, Speed and total Distance

Run Test = 30 min Hard effort - Note average HR, Pace and total distance