Lesson 10 Description

In this video you are going to learn about the stretch and entry phase of swimming.

Remember in Lesson 7 when I talked about the difference between a propulsive and non propulsive swim phase?  If not go back and watch it.

This first phase of the 6 swim stroke phases is called the entry and stretch and is non propulsive.  It is not moving you forward.

It is very important however….as this is the first part of the stroke and it will set you up for success of failure.

Here is what we want to think about when entering the water:

1.  Enter the water soft and smoothly

2. Hand angle of 45 degrees or flat

3. Keep your thumb down

4. Enter fingertips 1st


After you enter the water now it is time to focus on the stretch.

  1. Enter directly in front of the shoulder
  2. Enter halfway between head and full extension
  3. Arm should enter the same hole that was created by hand upon entry
  4. Extend arm underwater and stretch for coookies  🙂
  5. Avoid surfing up with your extended arm

This is a very important part of the stroke as it really does set up the rest of the stroke.  For a few swim focus on swimming slow and really paying attention to what you are doing as you enter and stretch.

Happy Swimming!

Coach Todd