Lesson 5 Description

In this video you are going to learn about the two different types of swim turns.

Open Turns and Flip turns.

Open turns are the most common type of turn that triathletes will practice.  Flip turns are an advanced swim skill.

Flip tuns should not be attempted until you become a good swimmer and feel confident in your ability.  Simply because they require a LOT of work to perfect.

Open turns, when done correctly can be very fast.  The great thing about an open turn is that you get one last breath before pushing off underwater.  In a flipturn you will lose a breath which can be very difficult in the beginning.

I encourage you to watch the videos and then the next time you are swimming see how effective and efficient your turns are.

Having a good turn does take time but the good news about training in a pool is that we have LOTS of chances to practice. 🙂

Happy Swimming!

Coach Todd