Lesson 9 Description

In this video you are going to learn about my 5 favorite running drills: A's, B's and C's

High knees or  “A’s”  Or A - skips

Just like it sounds. Drive your knees skyward with each stride, like a drill major in a marching band. Don't worry about forward speed. Simply lift those knees high. This drill strengthens your hip flexor muscles and improves your push-off power.

"B Skips"

Is nearly the same as high knees but first extends the leg forward. This extension of the leg dynamically stretches the hamstring and then allows you to really emphasize the backward pawing motion as your foot lands on the ground and pulls through. Get into the rhythm of the A and B skips by listening to the pattern of sound your feet make as they contact and scuff the ground, pawing backwards. Use the same arm motion during this drill as you use while running.

Butt kicks or “C’s”

Almost the opposite of high knees in that you're doing an exaggerated back kick. Literally, you should be "kicking your butt" with the heel with each stride. This drill stretches and strengthens your quadriceps muscles.


Yep, just like you used to do in grade school. Use a slightly exaggerated arm motion to propel yourself upward and forward. Skipping improves your coordination and push-off power.


As if you were jumping from one rock to another, exaggerate your normal running stride's height and length. Run in slow motion, alternately letting each foot do all the work of absorbing impact, then pushing off. This drill improves coordination and strengthens glutes and calves.

I like to do about 25 - 50 m of each drill followed by walking back to the starting position.  Complete each drill 3x before moving on to the next one.

Happy Running!