Lesson 26 Description

In this video we are going to talk about what the daily number you see on your training peaks app actually mean.  Fatigue, Fitness and Form

Here is a TSB (Form) Training Zones that I find very useful:

TSB Zone 1 - High Risk Zone below -30 TSB - don’t want to spend too much   time here…Fatigue is high

TSB Zone 2 - Optimal Training Zone -10 to -30 TSB

TSB Zone 3 - The Grey Zone -10 to +5 TSB (stay away as not much training effect happens here)

TSB Zone 4 – The freshness Zone +5 to +25 TSB (where we want to be on race day)

TSB Zone 5 – The Transitional Zone Above +25 TSB ( little to no training)

This will take a while to figure out and really get familiar with.  Be patient with yourself and continue to pay attention to the numbers.  It can and will make sense.  But it does take time.


Coach Todd