Lesson 2 Description

In this lesson you are going to learn about what transitions are and how to setup your transition area.

I setup a mock transition area in a field where I show you the 3 different ways you can rack your bike and how to setup your transition area on the ground.

Note that there are some races that do not have a bar to hang your bike on, rather they have a wooden structure on the ground to place your rear wheel into.  In that case there is only one way to set up your bike and that is to simply place your rear wheel in the space provided.

The transition area of a big race can be very crowded and there can be a lot of stress in the air.  When you go in with a plan and a checklist you will feel confident knowing how to set up your area.

Print off the supplied transition checklist and please add any items specific to your needs or to the race.

Have Fun!

Coach Todd