Lesson 7 Description


Tip 1) For workouts 60 min or less just use water

Tip 2) For workouts 60 min or less but high intensity add electrolyte to your water bottle

Tip 3) For workouts over 60 mins take in 100 calories every 30 mins starting at 0 min

Tip 4) Consume 1 water bottle an hour

Tip 5) if you are a heavy sweater take in salt every 30 min or when you feel "off".  Take in Salt at same time period when temperature is warm.

Follow this pattern for exercises from 30 mins all the way up to 7 hours or more.

Get a notebook and starting documenting what you are putting into your body. Tweek the number of calories here and there and play around with the amount of fluid an hour.

This can be fun.....so have fun with it.

Happy eating!

Coach Todd