Lesson 8 Description

Drafting is when you are riding too close to the rider in front of you and you are taking advantage of their hard work by drafting.

Riding closely behind someone can reduce your wind resistance by as much as 27%.  This is a lot and in doing so can make your ride quite a bit easier.  In most triathlons, drafting is illegal and if you are caught drafting you may get a penalty.

Drafting rules:

  1. You must stay out of the draft zone of the rider in front of you unless you are in the middle of passing
  2. In most races the draft zone is 6 bike lengths.  That is you need to keep 6 bikes between your front tire and the rear tire of the rider in front of you.
  3. When you need to pass, move to the left (shoulder check 1st) and then make your pass.  You will have between 25-30 sec (depending on the race rules) to make your pass.
  4. After you pass the front wheel of the rider in front of you, it is now up to them to drop back 6 bike lengths or they will be drafting you.
  5. Once you pass a rider please maintain your speed and do not slow down right away to drink or eat.  This is poor form.
  6. Drafting can be super frustrating as some racers will always choose to draft.
  7. You must make your own decisions on the race course.  To draft or not to draft.  Just know that drafting is against the rules.  What type of racer will choose to be on race day.

Happy Racing and Non Drafting

Coach Todd