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Overview of No Limits On Line Swim Class

Welcome to No Limits On Line Swim Class.

This is a unique class that is sure to be a hit.

Many people inquire about the No Limits swim class only to be disappointed that the class times do not fit with their schedule or that the pool is located too far way.

In this new class you will be able to follow up to 3 swim workouts each week that fit your own schedule.  You will also be able to watch weekly coaching videos that are designed to improve your swim stroke.

In addition to the weekly video and workouts you will also have access to the popular Map to Front Crawl Swim Program.  This program will teach you all you need to know about the front crawl stroke to improve your next triathlon swim.

You will have access up to three workouts each week.  Designed to improve:

  • Technique: You will improve your balance, breathing, timing, kick and other stroke components
  • Speed: Specific workouts will be designed to improve your Front Crawl speed
  • Endurance: Yes...we will also have workouts to improve your endurance (sprint - Ironman)
  • Class cost: $225 gst included

Yes! I want to enroll in the On Line Swim Class Now...