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Video #2

Video #3

Lesson Description

One of the biggest fears of riding outside is getting a flat tire.  🙁  For all of us.

This is a skill that all of us need to know and be able to do by ourselves.

I have three videos for you to learn all of my tips.

#1) is from a recent FB live and a cool tip that I now ALWAYS use and it makes changing the tire so much easier

#2) Is a video where I talk to about why you may have a flat tire and how to change it

#3) Is a video from a profession bike mechanic with his extra tips.

If you are not comfortable changing the tire yourself, please watch all the videos and then Practice, practice and then do some more practice.  Yes it helps.

Every year I change a lot of tires and this is how I have improved my skill.

With practice you can be efficient and confident knowing that if you do get a flat you will be able to change it yourself.

Happy tire changing.

Coach Todd